AccuScan Features

User Interface
  • Intuitive - Designed by engineers with decades of hands-on experience
  • English and Metric units - Easily switch between the two before or after a part is inspected
  • Color coded highlighting of out-of-tolerance conditions
  • View any number of surfaces simultaneously
  • Built-in Probe Calibration Wizard
  • Free AccuScan Viewer can be used to
    • Remotely view inspection data
    • Print inspection reports
    • Share inspection data with Suppliers and Customers
  • Import data from one inspection into another, for comparisons
  • Fully Responsive Results - you can change datums, surface parameters, units and filters after inspection
Data Views &
  • Interactive polar plot with key-point highlighting
  • Customizable list of measurements
  • Strip Charting
  • Rotor Cross-Section View with simulated rotation
  • Dial-indicator style data with customizable format
  • “A/B” comparisons of surfaces
  • Export PDF Reports and CSV files
  • Inspection Templates, for repetitive inspections of the same part type
  • Offline Programming (can be programmed at another computer, away from the inspection system)
  • Program to the part drawing. No need to know the physical setup in advance
  • Program in Inch or Metric units
  • Program part tolerances to alert operators to out-of-tolerance conditions
  • Support for both Right-Handed and Left-Handed Coordinate Systems
  • Unlimited number of part programs, and unlimited number of surfaces per part
Data Acquisition
  • IntelliProbe™ technology compensates for extreme setup misalignment with negligible error
  • High-Density scanning
  • Built-In Revolution Repeatability Testing
  • MultiScan Mode for Repeatability Testing of Calculated Results
  • Interrupted Surface Measurement allows measurements across slots and holes. Unneeded data is automatically removed from the profile
  • *Automatic capture of Inspection Site, Workstation, Operator, and Date/Time of inspection
*Data Storage
  • Multiple AccuScan workstations can connect to and use a common database
  • Data can be stored locally OR on a remote, networked computer
  • Historical, searchable record of every inspection
  • Database allows multiple, date-stamped inspections of the same part
  • Administrator and Operator user roles, with assignable rights/permissions for individual Operators
Rotor Stacking
  • IntelliStack™ rotor stacking software, for predictive modeling of assemblies
  • Part data is automatically retrieved from the AccuScan database
  • Minimize runout or minimize unbalance
  • Lock known part positions for partial disassembly and restack
  • Clock parts to one another (e.g. to prevent resonant frequencies)
  • Include/exclude specific part angles/positions
* with optional Database Connector

Reduce inspection time and gain new insight into part and rotor quality. With AccuScan, you can measure runout, roundness, flatness, and much more. Systems are available in various configurations, with or without rotary tables.

  • Electrical Runout
  • Mechanical Runout
  • Permanent Inspection Records
  • Out-of-Tolerance Highlighting
  • English or Metric Units
  • Inspection Templates
  • Free Viewer
  • Fully Responsive Results
  • High-Density Data Acquisition
  • Polar-Charting, Strip-Charting
  • Revolution Repeatability Testing
  • IntelliProbe™ Technology