Custom Inspection Systems & Software

We have the capabilities to design and build custom inspection systems, including gages and tooling, or custom software for business & engineering automation. Some examples are shown below. Please contact us for further information.

Turbine Shroud Laser Inspection System

Challenge: Measure the spherical flowpath surface of a GE 7FA+e Stage 1 turbine shroud.

Solution: Custom designed Shroud Inspection System is a portable, laptop-controlled, 3-axis Laser CMM that can measure and quantify the entire spherical flowpath surface. Graphical display indicates in or out-of-tolerance areas. 3-dimensional data can be exported and saved.

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Turbine Blade Length (Bucket Length) Inspection System

Challenge: Measure the overall length of a GE 7FA+e Stage 1 turbine bucket.

Solution: Custom designed Bucket Length Inspection System is a portable, laptop-controlled, inspection system that can measure overall length within 0.0002 inch.

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Blade Clearance Measurement System

Challenge: Measure clearance between rotor blade tips and turbine casing to determine rotor position within the casing.

Solution: Custom designed Clearance Measurement System uses non-contact capacitance probes to simultaneously measure blade clearance at 12 locations in the turbine.

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Monofilament Fiber Measurement System

Challenge: Redesign and replace VAX-based production-critical fiber measurement software.

Solution: Designed and developed state-of-the-art client/server measurement software, SQLServer database, reporting system, and production monitor.

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Flowmeter Configurator

Challenge: Create Configurator software application for industry leading flowmeter manufacturer to reduce Inquiry-to-Sales engineering time.

Solution: Designed and developed software application to calculate laminar and turbulent flow fluid properties and automatically select appropriate flowmeter for the given fluid and piping conditions.

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Airfoil Chord Measurement System

18 years and still running!! Millions of jet engine compressor blades have been processed through GE's Laserline Inspection System. It was designed and developed in 1987 by Paris Mountain president Greg Valente to reduce cycle time and improve measurement accuracy.

It's fast, it's accurate, it's easy to use, and it's typical of the quality in every system we design and build today.

If you've flown on an airplane in the last 18 years, odds are that many of the parts in those jet engines were measured by this inspection system!

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