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With the free AccuScan™ Viewer, you can view and print Geometry Data Files created with an AccuScan inspection system. You can also:

          • Create PDF-format Inspection Reports
          • Export or copy Results Data to a spreadsheet (e.g. Excel)
          • Redefine a part's datum axis
          • Customize your data format

    Rotor Cross Section View

Download Instructions

Please read the Installation Instructions below and our Terms Of Use policy, enter the required information, and then click below to download the AccuScan Viewer program. You may also want to download some sample Geometry Data Files to look at with the Viewer.

AccuScan Viewer Version 5.1
for Windows 32/64-bit
Released 21-Sep-2020

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NOTE: If you use AccuScan Viewer when connected to an AccuScan Database, please copy your "DB Source" from the "Startup" tab of the Tools->Options dialog prior to installing the new version. Then re-enter the same DB Source after installing the new version.

I have read the AccuScan Viewer Terms of Use policy.

Installation Instructions

The AccuScan Viewer download is a Windows Installer (MSI) file. Save the file, and then run it by double-clicking on it.

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