Flowmeter Configurator


Selecting a flowmeter for a given fluid flow condition requires a great deal of engineering expertise. The fluid flow calculations can be quite complex - consideration must be given to the type of fluid, temperature, pressure, viscosity, whether the flow is laminar or turbulent, and a variety of other factors. And when steam is the fluid being considered, it's a whole new ballgame.

The goal of this project, completed for a major flowmeter manufacturer, was to model the process that application engineers use to select flowmeters for their customers, and to develop a software application to mimic that process.


Application engineers now select a piping configuration for the flow meter, the piping size, the fluid type, temperature and pressure, and the min and max flow rates. The program does the rest.

Additional features included an "AutoSize" wizard to automatically find flowmeters compatible with the fluid and piping conditions, and a built-in unit converter. This application significantly reduced engineering cycle time.



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