Blade Clearance Measurement System


This inspection system was completely engineered by Paris Mountain. We were responsible for conceptual design, solid modeling of the proposed inspection process, tooling and gaging design, software design and development, system build, documentation and training.

The Blade Clearance Measurement System uses non-contact capacitance probes to simultaneously measure blade clearance at 12 locations in a turbine. Three rotor stages are each measured with up to four probes per stage, and each stage has a different number of blades.

The system has a rackmount computer & monitor and is entirely self contained on a 42" tool cart.

During the inspection, each blade is measured at each inspection location and a full blade inspection report is generated. In addition, the position of the rotor within the casing is calculated and projected to the rotor bearing positions, so that the rotor can be centered within the turbine casing by adjusting the bearing housings.

All tooling and gages were designed using Solid Edge 3D CAD software.

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