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AccuScan™ runout inspection systems are designed to inspect mechanical runout, electrical runout, and other circular geometry. Circular geometry is critical in the design of turbomachinery - such as aircraft engines, industrial gas turbines, steam turbines, and generators - and many other high-performance machines and mechanical assemblies.

AccuScan inspection systems are available in a variety of configurations and can quickly adapt to your existing machine tools for on-machine inspections. Our standalone systems can be integrated with a precision rotary table in situations where a dedicated inspection workstation is needed, such as Stacking Systems.


AccuScan can be used to:

  • Inspect compressor and turbine rotors, disks & shafts
  • Measure electrical and mechanical rotor runout
  • Collect data for rotor stacking

Compressor Wheel Runout Inspection
Compressor Disk Inspection

Each AccuScan inspection system consists of these basic components:

  • An AccuScan inspection module.
  • An industrial computer, preloaded with the AccuScan software.
  • AccuScan-IFE, the AccuScan Inspection File Editor, for creating Inspection Templates.
  • AccuScan Viewer, for viewing geometry data files (inspection results) on your own PC

AccuScan can be used for virtually any situation where circular geometry inspection is required.

We can also design & build custom inspection systems & software to meet your quality inspection, engineering, or business needs.

Simultaneous ERO and Mechanical Runout Inspection
Turbine Rotor Inspection


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